WARNING Profanity Bags

Project Bags and Gifts WARNING Profanity Bags
The following bags have statements on them that may offend some people.

I have some clients that like these statements on bags, mugs and t-shirts so this section is entirely for them. Please scroll past this section rather than visiting them as they may offend you.
Please do not judge me I am merely helping fulfill my client's needs. I try to help serve my client's needs.

Each bag is fully customised for you. Choose your either Knitting or Crochet for the wording

45cm wide and approximately 40cm deep
The front is printed on high calico cotton or if you prefer coloured cotton this can be done.
The back is a very high quality denim fabric.
The zip is always a bright colour to match the writing or graphic.
Often it can be a mix of both - but I leave it up to my bagologist to be creative.

The inside of the bag is a chosen themed fabric in bright colours allowing you to enjoy a pop of colour - often but not always knitting, crochet or sheep themed.


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