Yarn Club Holiday Life Saver - Undyed Yarn Package

Holiday Life Saver - Undyed Yarn Gift Package Stove Top


Holiday Life Saver - Undyed Yarn Gift Package Stove Top

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Holiday Life Saver - Undyed Yarn Package


This will be your life saver in the holidays! Will you have children in the school holidays? Will the children, grandchildren be around and need something different to do? Will it be raining and you need something so different to do with the children? Or worst case scenario will we be in some form of lock-down and you need some light relief? This package could lead to all kinds of possibilities and will come will full instructions so that you can have endless fun and have projects to do together.

The pack includes:
2 x 100g DK/8ply SW 100% Merino Yarn
2 x Non-acidic child friendly non-acidic containers of dye that will give you beautiful vibrant colours to dye the yarn with using your kitchen stove top
Full instructions for dyeing the yarn.
Instructions for post dyeing activities including yarn art, with no skill needed, or if you have some beginning skills in knitting a pattern for the beginning knitter.
A sweet treat and a healthy treat.

This will be your dream holiday package for the children who either come to stay, those whom you find at home, or those you just want to have fun with.

I have just used this same package with 60 school children and the results were phenomenal. Its an absolute blast. Once ordered if you have a a few colour options that you think your children would like then you can message or email me on squishymcdo@gmail.com and I will do my very best to accommodate you.
There is nothing you wont have in your kitchen to do this if you have a kitchen stove top or element, if you don't, then please choose the microwave package. I am confident you will have a blast.

I have made it SOOOOO simple!


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